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She has appeared numerous films and series which are famous worldwide, while her works are graceful and full of talents and creativity.When fighting financially, Grace ended within a week of moving to L. and maintained and in 2001 her first role in a web-based series called "Rachel's Room." In 2004, Grace got cast on "Lost," as Shannon Rutherford.She is also known for starring the role of Shannon Rutherford.Her first role was in the television movie Murder in Greenwich, rewarding her a nomination for the category in Young Artist Award for in the Best Performance.In 2008-2009, she then dated a contestant from the second season of The Amazing Race and founder of TOMS Shoes, Blake Mycoskie.

Gorgeous American actress, Maggie Grace is a famous face in the world for portraying the role of Kim in Taken, and its other sequels.Some decide to get back out there while others think best to focus elsewhere like their career.This was a similar decision made by the beautiful actress Maggie Grace. Maggie Grace had lately been dating filmmaker Matthew Cooke since March of 2012.Not a lot has been revealed about this person and Maggie herself hasn't confirmed their relationship either. #dressup #yassqueen #whiterabbit thank you @aloeblaccmusic !!Grace was born Margaret Grace Denig in Worthington, Ohio, the second of three children to parents Valinn and Rick Denig, who ran a family jewelry business.Grace later dated her on screen brother Ian Somerhalder once they had both finished shooting Lost and when she was asked about him she said: (IMDB) While they were working on Lost together they adopted a feral cat, called ‘Roo’ after finding him dying in the jungle while on set.The cat now accompanies her to shoots and she calls him her ‘travel buddy’.With her 2016 films that contributed to her income that includes ‘The Choice’ and ‘428.' She has not bad assets and investments for her future and present and plans on moving forward in her acting business by starring in the many up and coming movies.Maggie Grace Lost actress Maggie Grace celebrates her big 3-0 today as we have a look at her past relationships to celebrate along with her.The actress broke the news to all her friends and supporters through an Instagram photo of a quote, “Life is a balance of Holding on and Letting Go” while the caption read, “Recently, I've been embracing balance..being single again.” It seems like Maggie's on the dating business once again.Her recent pictures feature quite a handsome man with a face and a beard equal to, if not better than Matthew Cooke.