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Berkeley College Online serves a global population. In addition, Berkeley College Knights Athletics includes Men's and Women's Basketball, Soccer, Cross Country, and Tennis teams.

They compete in the USCAA and the Hudson Valley Intercollegiate Athletic Conference.

Also word of advice for newbies: stay away from the unaffiliated frats and use Bear Walk so you can stay safe at night.” “I’ve been a brainwashed Cal fan since birth. If you want to party six nights a week you can definitely find that crowd. General rule of thumb at Berkeley: if it makes people happy, they’re not doing it,” Amidi-Abraham said. “There’s a reason Frank Ocean said he gets ‘brain like Berkeley,’” Escobar said.

It’s all great though; the weather, the hobos, the surprisingly good dining hall food that rapidly goes to shit after two months, but I still appreciate the effort and it’s still better than anything I had in high school.” -Ramiro Rojas, chemical engineering major, Class of 2019 “It’s been good but it’s hard finding clubs that are not exclusive with their heads up their own asses. The World’s Creepiest Mascot: Imagine if the Berenstain bears had a weird uncle. He’s pudgy, has a pancake face and keeps his hands behind his back like he’s restraining himself from inappropriate touching. Luckily, the university takes a holistic view at a student’s application, so while those test scores need to stay high to put you in the running, your extracurriculars and essays will truly showcase your Cal potential.“Most people at UC Berkeley that I’ve spoken to think that their essay was the most important part of their application and helped them get in,” said senior Emily Rentschler.In the early stages of the second half, Central Penn held a 47-40 lead, but Berkeley College stormed back with 10 consecutive points to grab a 50-47 advantage.That 10-0 run included a three-point basket by Simmons, a hoop by Jennings, and five points from offensive standout Massiah Merritt.Berkeley College has three New York locations (Midtown Manhattan, Brooklyn and White Plains).In New Jersey there are five locations (Dover, Newark, Paramus, Woodbridge and Woodland Park). News & World Report named Berkeley College one of the Best Colleges for Online bachelor's degrees for the fourth consecutive year.“For me I used my essay to explain how my extracurricular activities came together and how it shaped me as a person.” Since Berkeley uses the standard UC application, you get to spend more time polishing your personal essays rather than figuring out another complex application system. Students tend to be exposed to the same people over and over again as they take more classes tailored to their majors or don’t even have enough time to consider the prospect of meeting new people.For the Yale University residential college, see Berkeley College (Yale University).For the college in Boston, see Berklee College of Music. Established in 1931, Berkeley College is a private college that offers Associate's, Bachelor's, and Graduate Degrees and provides academic programs in many fields relating to business and management through The Larry L. The School of Professional Studies offers degree programs in health services, legal studies, and design.