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Sparx is a yellow dragonfly and Spyro's constant companion.He helps protect Spyro from damage, helps collect gems, and gives out helpful information throughout the game. Sonic and Amy walked over to Spyro, " Spyro someone wants to talk to you." he said and walked away. 2 days later Spyro sits at the edge of the waterfall with tears in his eyes, not saying a word.

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A small, purple dragoness came up to Spyro and stared at him with her big, blue eyes. Spyro looked at her, picked her up and hugged her as tight as possible." Your mother," he said " is in a better place now and she loves you very, very much. The series has been rebooted several times with the original series being published from 1998 to 2005, the Legend series published between 20, and the Skylanders series published from 2011 to 2016.Despite featuring Spyro the Dragon and Cynder as playable characters and using Spyro's name in the subtitle of the original game to generate marketing interest, the Skylanders franchise is otherwise completely unrelated and the characters from that franchise are covered in their own section.Cynder also has markings on her head, back, shoulders, and around her eyes.When in the form she is in for the majority of The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning, she is much larger than usual. Cynder then used the last of her power and shot it at Spyro it sent him flying all the way back to the top of the waterfall leaving Cynder at the bottom. Finally, a blast of light came towards Malefor and it killed him leaving nothing but ashes." That is for all of Skylands." Spyro said and walked away." Cynder! Spyro flew up into the sky and raced after her down the waterfall." Spyro just''s ok.". " Spyro said but Cynder grabbed him, and kissed him as they were falling."I love you." Cynder said to Spyro. " "No..can't, I'm falling to fast you..wont catch me in time. Once again Cynder kissed him with tears rushing down both thier faces. Still Spyro was winning the fight while protecting Cynder." Finish me, " Malefor said " you did it once you can do it again, can you not? Malefor laughed and threw shards of ice everywhere. Malefor kept on shooting ice and fire but he couldn't get Spyro. She could no longer stand, she was near the edge of the waterfall but then she fell. Cynder was near the edge of a waterfall, in pain from her torn open wing. Cynder had been stabbed with one of the shards of ice in the chest.Sparx was also a playable character enemies for a short while.A cheetah who trains (and sometimes challenges) Spyro with various tasks.