Antedating definition

The practice of placing a date that has already passed on a contract or a check.

Cicero's The Dream of Scipio, later interpreted by Macrobius and alluded to by Boethius, where past and present predict the future, this tragic myth evolves ironically beyond Aesculapian dream traditions of healing prophetic oneiroscopy, instead creating a dream prison disguised as a dream palace.

The date is relevant only in that it regulates the term of payment that bears reference to the date of the bill.

A bill, therefore, is not invalid by reason only of the fact that it is antedated or postdated.

This would make them antedate July, 1759, which is not true of the bakehouse.

There are ruins here and in Yucatan which antedate by centuries anything of recorded history relating to the British Isles.