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Shea Allen – The Matron of Honour (played by Gina Holden).Shea Allen is Trish's big sister and the Matron of Honour.It is an amazingly good movie that has a stinging bite of reality. A., this movie is exactly what it is like; the settings and the characters are spot on.April Telek is painfully poignant as the 40-year-old B-movie actress desperately trying to fight her decline.Beth Barrington – The Single Girl (played by Amber Borycki).Beth Barrington is a bridesmaid and Trish's former college roommate. Though she didn't grow up as privileged as Trish, she's very comfortable in that world.

Richard keeps his severe contempt for Mr Wellington under wraps but is already in the process of taking revenge on the man who has made his life so miserable.Nearing 40, she is desperately trying to keep her leg in the B-movie game and decides to pursue her fading career with a zealous fervor.But new roles are elusive and the clock is ticking. There are no car chases, nothing blows up, and this is not a sappy rom-com.I couldn't help from recalling Lana Clarkson, though unfortunately it is her murderer's name that will be most recalled, Phil Spector. actress didn't even have a wrinkle to stress about!But she still was not the nymphet they all cast in older roles & just ADD wrinkles. Just being on a movie site and contemplating the incredible number of movies made by an incredible number of actors & actresses that we will never see again. Even just seeing the number in lead roles that are never seen again is too much. Yeah, I'm a dude who's been in LA for awhile and the film is pretty spot-on.Still, there are only a handful of lucky young ladies currently thus employed at Disney.Though plenty visible, class queen Cyrus is basically an alumnus now.If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file.JANA is a fading B-movie actress who was famous for her roles in Amazon movies playing a variety of pre-Xena warrior-princesses.As the subject is protected by trademark or copyright, a free use alternative does not exist.This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it.