Android phone not updating exchange calendar

All accounts are running on Office 365 servers and all accounts set up in Outlook desktop need to be configured as an Exchange account, which requires you to use auto-account setup with an address.

If you created the Microsoft account using a 3rd party address, you do not need a new account, you can add an alias to an existing account.

Android phones support Exchange Active Sync (EAS) or Exchange Web Services (EWS), which allow the phones to sync "over-the-air" with mailboxes that support EAS or EWS (, Office 365 Exchange Online, and on-prem Exchange servers as well as some 3rd party mail servers).

Exchange server (including Office 365 and support EAS for small devices and will sync calendar, contacts, and tasks (if supported by the device) directly with the smartphone.

If anyone has a work around I'd like to here it, as I am returning my S7 since using Office365 is one of the most important features I want in my phone.

I hear the HTC 10 is being released April 15 my HTC One (M8) worked with office 365 just fine.

If you want to use the Outlook app then follow these further steps You should now be able to see your calendar entries in the Outlook app.

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If you don't have a phone, or your problem is on your PC and you're still using the Outlook application in Windows, it could be time to ditch it and move to the online version,, which supports multiple calendars.

(As of Feb 2017, Outlook 2013/2016 can no longer connect to 365 using EAS.)Note that while Gmail can sync it's calendar and contacts with the phone, you will need to export your Outlook calendar and contacts to Gmail or use a sync utility to sync Gmail calendar and contacts with Outlook desktop.

(Microsoft is working on a cloud service that will sync Gmail with Outlook desktop - including Gmail calendar & contacts.)You can use a "Microsoft Account" (Live ID/passport) to sync calendar and contacts over-the-air.

I have just bought a Samsung Galaxy S7 (running Android 6.0.1) and installed the Outlook app. I've also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Once successful you can view your email by using the pre-installed "Mail" app and you can view your calendar entries by using the pre-installed "S-Planner" app.

) menu "Kevin's calendar" is almost always unchecked. I have also tried resetting my account by going to the calendar settings (cog in the top right, opening my @uk account and pressing RESET ACCOUNT).