Accommodating protest

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For the University of California at Berkeley to declare a week ahead of time that maintaining safety and security in relation to Ann Coulter’s planned appearance on campus is impossible amounts to an unacceptable abdication of the crucial role of the university as an open forum for intellectual and ideological exploration.(The additional services add virtually nothing to the cost of premiums.) Campus officials say the development of transgender services has been part of a larger inclusion agenda, often driven by students or a single, instrumental staff member.American already covered hormone therapy though its policy, but added surgeries this August.Not only this, but this new bill is now also in violation of another law.This law is known as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.If the possibility of violence, or even threats of violence, are grounds to shut down speech, the marketplace of ideas will be stripped bare, to the detriment of speakers, listeners, and critics.Pushing ideas off campus or underground will not shut down controversial viewpoints.There are now about 150 colleges that offer gender-neutral housing, according to a running count by Campus Pride.Granted, that’s out of more than 4,000 institutions – and it’s taken more than 20 years to get to this point.Last week, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill students marched the mile from campus to the Board of Governors meeting site to protest the UNC System’s blanket ban, imposed by the board, on gender-neutral housing.The new policy -- which overturned the Chapel Hill Board of Trustees’ endorsement of the housing option -- was approved while students were away for the summer under the reasoning that “there are more practical ways” to make students “safe, comfortable and included,” the board chairman said.