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Jewish Humor Central is a blog to start your day with news of the Jewish world that's likely to produce a knowing smile and some Yiddishe nachas. In May 2016 we posted the pilot episode of Soon By You, a new web comedy series that depicts the joys and challenges of Orthodox Jewish dating for young professional singles in New York City.It's also a collection of sources of Jewish humor--anything that brings a grin, chuckle, laugh, guffaw, or just a warm feeling to readers. In July we posted the second episode, and in October we posted the third episode.But, we be sure that the “Donmeh Jews,” that is, “Crypto Jews,” who run Turkey’s military, put the brakes on Erdogan’s anti-Israel rhetoric.

I bet she's never even watched that videotape of my haemorrhoid surgery, has she? God knows their mother never buys them anything nice. Thank you so much for the birthday flowers, dear boy. I've sent along my last ten pounds in this card, which I hope you'll spend on my grandchildren.Well son, it's time for me to crawl off to bed now.I lost my cane beating off muggers last week, but don't you worry about me.Or is it because of Jewish control of Turkey’s military establishment which essentially runs the country?Of pressure from NATO and the EU we cannot be certain of, although it is most likely, both being intimately tied to Zionist interests.Through a series of different events he’s eventually led to the “right” girl, also named Sarah, a larger than life superficial-type character, who is so caught up with ordering food and herself to actually catch the nuances and humor of his excuses that led him to be late.This situation leads to a not-so-typical romantic encounter with David and Sarah F, who take short breaks from their respective dates to meet at the back of the restaurant, where they dream up mural ideas and finish each other’s sentences.I'm also getting used to the cold since they turned my heat off and am grateful because the frost on my bed numbs the constant pain.Now don't you even think about sending any more money, because I know you need it for those expensive family holidays you take every year.